Coin Bureau becomes the fastest growing crypto YouTube channel

Coin Bureau becomes the fastest growing crypto Youtube channel

Crypto content on YouTube can be a minefield that is littered with low quality, samey or even misleading videos.

The Coin Bureau YouTube channel has taken a stand against this with their team of crypto-analysts sifting through countless white papers, project blog posts and social feeds so you don’t have to.

All this research is then condensed into digestible 10 minute deep dives into crypto projects and exchanges, telling you everything you need to know in a short video.

There are many great crypto YouTube channels out there covering cryptocurrency news and technical analysis. However, the Coin Bureau channel’s 150%+ increase in subscribers and 115%+ growth in views over the last 30 days shows that there is a real demand for focused, high-quality video reviews on both crypto projects and exchanges.

Unlike many other crypto YouTube channels, Coin Bureau does not create videos in their presenter’s bedroom. Instead, videos are created in a professional studio and the findings of Coin Bureau analysts are presented by the channel’s host ‘Guy, the crypto guy’.

If you are looking for no-nonsense and easy to understand video reviews on your favorite crypto projects or crypto exchanges, then you should certainly cut through all the noise in the crypto space and check out the Coin Bureau on YouTube.

Nic, from Coin Bureau, Stated: “We are excited about the technological innovation in the crypto space. However, for crypto to become understood by the mainstream there needs to be a strong educational infrastructure in place to help crypto newcomers understand what crypto projects and exchanges are all about in a simple and straightforward way. That’s the mission of the Coin Bureau YouTube channel.”

Nic then added: “Not everyone wants to sit and read a detailed 2,000 or 3,000 word written review on crypto projects. Nowadays, people are busy and have limited time, so we thought we’d make crypto education even more accessible by creating a YouTube channel and condensing our lengthy research findings into easy to understand 10-minute videos.”

About Coin Bureau was founded in 2017 as a cryptocurrency education website with some of the most detailed and well-researched crypto project and exchange reviews.

The website has become widely known for its insights into the crypto space through exclusive interviews with key cryptocurrency thought leaders. These include the CEO of, iExec and many more.

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