Coinbase eases crypto transactions with new app improvements

Crypto exchange giant Coinbase is making it even easier to send and receive digital currencies with a raft of improvements to its mobile app.

In an unprecedented time when people are stuck at home, going to the bank is no longer an option for many.

Cryptocurrencies may become beneficiaries of this unfortunate situation, as they can be sent virtually instantaneously for a fraction of the cost that a bank will charge.

Acknowledging this, U.S. digital asset exchange Coinbase has made it easier to send and receive crypto by improving its app.

3 improvements for seamless crypto transactions, ‘no fees’

According to the announcement, the company has made recent changes in terms of the following:

  • Discoverability
  • Execution
  • Confidence

Coinbase has cleaned up the app’s visual design, adding cues to help customers better understand what is happening as they send and receive crypto.

It has also improved access by enabling the action button to begin a transaction no matter where a user is in the app.

In an effort to make it more intuitive to users, the third improvement has been the streamlining of the switching currencies process.

The blog also stated that “Customers around the world can more easily send and receive crypto with no fees in most instances.”

Anyone that has used Coinbase will know that it has some of the highest fees in the industry, especially for dealing with fiat and switching crypto assets on the platform, so this last statement should be taken with a large dose of digital salt.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr/Ivan Radic

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