Aussie crypto bosses zero in on Coinbase listings

Coinbase listings

EXCLUSIVE: Horizon State, Chronobank and CanYa among Australian cryptos actively pursuing Coinbase listings, after the popular global exchange announced rapid expansion plans.

Horizon State

Horizon State’s Decision Token (HST) powers the company’s blockchain voting and decision-making platform.

Coinbase Listings

HST tokens can currently be purchased on 7 exchanges across the globe and Horizon State’s Head of Research & Innovation, Dan Crane, likes what he sees in the new Coinbase listings policy.

“We have examined the framework and were pleased to see not only that Coinbase had changed their listing policy, but that Horizon State hit many of their desired points,” Crane told Micky.

“Given the position and stature of Coinbase in the market, we will be seriously looking into working more closely with them.”


Human resources and recruitment disruptor, ChronoBank, raised US$5.4m in what was the first ever ICO conducted by an Australian company.

Coinbase listings
CEO of Chronobank, Sergei Sergienko, at Blockshow Europe 2018. (

ChronoBank CEO, Sergei Sergienko, has confirmed the company has already applied to have its TIME token listed on Coinbase.

“ChronoBank investigated this as soon as Coinbase published its new listing process and have already submitted our application for listing TIME.

“Coinbase is a well-known and respected player in the crypto world, arguably the world’s foremost exchange, and we would certainly like to see TIME integrated there.”

TIME currently has a market cap of around US$3.2M.


CEO and Co-Founder of CanYa, John-Paul Thorbjornsen, is one of the golden boys of the Australian crypto and blockchain industry – he doesn’t need to be convinced about the merits of a Coinbase listing.

“We will definitely be applying,” he told Micky.

“We love Brian Armstrong’s (Coinbase co-founder) vision of a multi-token World as well as his position that most people will earn crypto; not buy it.”

Coinbase listings
CanYa CEO and Co-Founder John-Paul Thorbjornsen

CanYa is developing a global decentralised ‘serviceplace’ in which users can pay and be paid by CanYa Coin (CAN).

The platform is developing rapidly after raising AU$12m during an ICO that was completed earlier this year.

The Expansion

The decision by some of Australia’s most respected blockchain companies to pursue coveted Coinbase listings comes within days of the exchange announcing a major overhaul of its asset listing process.

The exchange, which operates in 33 countries, will now accept listing applications through an online form which will then be evaluated against its Digital Assets Framework.

Currently, the three non-negotiables for new Coinbase listings are:

  • The digital asset must be legally compliant within the jurisdiction it seeks to list in.
  • The digital asset must be technically secure and innovative.
  • There must be demand for the digital asset from Coinbase customers.

The new Coinbase listings process is expected to result in an explosion in the number of coins and tokens listed on the exchange.

“There are now thousands of digital assets of all types, including coins, tokens, forks, stablecoins, and collectibles,” says Coinbase.

“One of our top customer requests is to add support for these new assets, and we have been determining how to do this in a secure and compliant way for those assets meeting our standards.

“(The new process) will allow us to rapidly list most digital assets that are compliant with local law, by satisfying listing requests in a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction manner,” says Coinbase.

“In practice, this means some new assets listed on our platform may only be available to customers in select jurisdictions for a period of time.”

Currently only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin are listed on Coinbase.

When Ethereum Classic was added in June its price jumped 25%.

Coinbase was founded in 2012 – it’s since supported more than US$220 billion in crypto trades.

In April, Coinbase established ‘Coinbase Ventures’ – an investment arm providing financing to selected early-stage companies within the digital currency ecosystem. Click to read more.

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