Coinspot traders ‘Havven’ a free frothie!

Coinspot traders ‘Havven’ a free frothie!

Thousands of Australians have been exposed to cryptocurrency for the first time at the Beer & Barbecue Festival in Sydney, with the same event to be held in Adelaide this weekend.

Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinspot, is sponsoring the events and attendees can use crypto to grab a free sample!

Havven, a decentralised payments platform, is handing out free tokens to Coinspot account holders, as well as those willing to sign up to the exchange. The Havven tokens can then be used to buy a beer.

Coinspot says the festival has been hugely popular since starting in Adelaide five years ago, and it also did well in Sydney.

Perhaps the use of cryptocurrency at these events through the ability of using Havven Tokens to get a beer, will show a real-world use case for crypto and encourage mainstream adoption.

It comes on the back of a report by financial services company ING, which revealed only seven percent of Australians own cryptocurrency.

The Adelaide event kicks off this Friday, July 6, and wraps up on Sunday, July 1.

For more information and times, visit the festival website.

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