Colossal ‘Call of Duty Modern: Warfare’ update released and players are obnoxious

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare requires a massive 175GB to install. With another 15GB update coming tomorrow, players show their anger on social media.

Infinity Ward has announced another huge update coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coming tomorrow or in the next few days.

According to the company’s blog post, the update will weigh at least 15GB when it hits the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.

Update details

The update contains a data pack download. Once the patch is installed, players will need to select a campaign mode that will bring them to the game’s installation menu.

On the menu, players will need to download Data Pack 1. After the download is complete, players should hard close the application then reopen it again. Infinity Ward says the patch includes fixes for various in-game bugs. The patch notes will also be released simultaneously with the update.

The update will also contain a new playlist, Shoot the Ship 24/7 and amazing Gunfight variations. Additionally, they will also include the Obsidian camo and mix/matching weapon attachments on the update.

Size problem

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare requires players to set aside about one-third of their console’s hard drive to play the game. The game including its update tomorrow will push to an overall size of 190GB.

This means it will be going to be difficult to install different games on one system at the same time. In addition, deleting the game and reinstalling it later will take an eternity to download.

Even if players opt to just install multiplayer mode, they are still faced to lose huge partitions of their hard drive.

Fans are not happy

Players on Twitter post their frustrations on the ridiculous size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which is constantly growing bigger with each update. One gamer says the game is being anti-competitive since it prevents other players from installing other competitive games.

The bottom line is that these AAA titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with colossal install size only makes them less accessible for the average gamer.

While rumors have surfaced that the next Call of Duty game will be set in Vietnam, players still hope that Infinity Ward and Activision will find a way to program the game more intelligently. It is also believed that the new game is a sequel to the Black Ops universe.

Featured image courtesy of Microsoft/Website Screenshot

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