Commission on Presidential Debates: Additional changes for ‘more orderly discussion’

Commission on Presidential Debates: Additional changes for 'more orderly discussion'

Changes will definitely be made on the rest of the upcoming Presidential debates, following the first event.

The first of the series of Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was highly criticized. Most of the viewers, including political and non-political figures, including news outlets, have dubbed the debate as a “chaos.”

CPD: “Additional structure”

On Wednesday, The Commission on Presidential Debates confirms that “additional structure” to the succeeding sessions will be put in place.

CNN quotes an excerpt of CPD’s statement, saying:

“The Commission on Presidential Debates sponsors televised debates for the benefit of the American electorate. Last night’s debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.”

However, to specified changes were immediately pointed out. Nonetheless, the CPD is “carefully considering the changes that it will adopt and will announce those measures shortly.”

During the first face-off, the rivals were seen interrupting one another while it was other’s turn to speak. Trump, for one, has interrupted debate moderator Chris Wallace a few times.

The Fox News icon couldn’t even finish his first question to the current POTUS, as he was always getting interrupted.

Among the two candidates, Trump was more constant with his interjection while former VP Biden was speaking. The Democrat candidate even came to a point that he demanded Trump to “shut up.”

Expressing that this behavior is “unpresidential.”

Meanwhile, the Commission on Presidential Debates lauded Wallace’s professionalism during the event. Despite the non-stop banter and interjection, he maintained his poise to assure the topics that supposed to be discussed will be covered.

Trump faces criticism from within his party

Meanwhile, President Trump is urged to denounce his statement during the Presidential debate.

Per The New York Timesthe president is facing a “torrent of criticism including a rare rebuke from the Senate’s top Republican.” Fellow Republicans are reportedly distancing themselves from their own party candidate for the second time in two weeks.

This is due to his comment which allegedly fails to denounce white supremacy, per the same publication. Most especially with the mention of the “Proud Boys,” a far-right group, which allegedly endorses violence.

The comment emerged when he was pressed on condemning the white supremacists and militia groups; Ordering them to stand down and not add on to the violence.

When Biden mentioned the Proud Boys, Trump  said, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”


Featured image courtesy of Fox News/YouTube Screenshot

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