Common ‘Apex Legends’ error codes and how to fix them

Apex Legends is already a year old, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its flaws every once in a while. In fact, there are still a lot of Apex Legends error codes that players come across usually.

Apex Legends error codes appear whenever the game crashes. These can be annoying as they appear at any point in time. Sometimes, they appear mid-game, thus ruining the round for the player. Here are some of the more common error codes and what they mean.


This is an error code that’s exclusive to the PC version of the game. It’s hinting that there’s something wrong with the game’s files. The fix is a bit bothersome, but it is necessary if players want to play without a hitch later on.

One of the easiest fixes is to repair the game files. To do this, players need to go to the client running the game and repair it for them. They can also try deleting Origin cache files by pressing Windows Key and R while Origin is closed. From there, they need to type in %ProgramData% then press OK.


Error code leaf is one of the most common Apex Legends error codes. This is usually a server or connection error. Whenever this happens, the easiest fix is to first check out if the connection the player has is fast enough or is stable. Then, they can try restarting the router to check if it brings the connection back up to speed.


Like the error code leaf, wheel is mostly a server issue, so the fixes are the same. The difference with wheel is that it could also be an issue with the servers of EA. If restarting the connection doesn’t work, players should first check if the EA servers are up and running, to begin with.


This is an issue that’s exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. This basically means that the game has crashed on the console. The immediate fix is to simply restart the game. If the issue persists, players should go to Settings, then Audio, and they should turn off “convert incoming voice to chat text.”

There are many Apex Legends error codes, and the developers have done well to remove some of them by fixing the issue. However, the error codes above still persist, so players should take heed on how these can be fixed.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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