Confirmed: New ‘Fortnite’ features is in the works

It’s confirmed! The long-awaited feature of Fortnite that gamers have been begging for is on its way.

For quite a while, the divisive topic has been rocking the gamers’ feeds. Finally, a confirmation coming from Epic Games has arrived that Fortnite is getting the long-awaited feature. The announcement shared that Fortnite has and continues to be pre-editing.

The begging fans

Epic Games revealed that it was quite a while already that fans have been crying for the developers to hear their plea for some game changes.

It can be noted that many players couldn’t imagine life without it. However, several players don’t use it at all and thus asked Epic Games to make changes that allow the feature to be disabled.

Another revelation made by the developers is that they recognized the voice of those who requested the changes. Mainly, what the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile players have been begging for.

After the flood of requests from the gamers, it was then followed by silence regarding the matter. But this time is different; here it is, folks!

It’s in the works!

A Community Coordinator at Epic Games, Stephen Thompson, confirmed over Reddit that the developer is adding an option to disable pre-edits.

With the announcement that the feature’s coming is confirmed, Thompson cannot tell when it will be available. He revealed that Epic Games doesn’t have an exact timetable.

It could be presumed that the developers wouldn’t be talking about the matter if it wasn’t close. However, it is only the Epic Games who can tell the exact time and details regarding the feature.

Let’s hope for an announcement in the coming days. As of now, it is the only information that the developer has divulged.

Per Comicbook, Fortnite is available for free via the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Android devices. It will soon be available in PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S as well.

Regarding the fact that the timespan that the feature will be developed and implemented is not easy talk, it may be wise not to hold your breath over anything.

Image courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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