Confirmed new maps in ‘Overwatch 2’

Overwatch 2 is still far off from what we know as Blizzard is yet to reveal more details about the game. We’re not entirely clueless about everything new in the sequel as the gameplay trailer showed off a lot already.

When Overwatch 2 was announced via the Zero Hour cinematic short, Blizzard also revealed more of the game via a gameplay trailer. The gameplay trailer showed off some of the maps we’ll see in the game, and players are excited about it. Here are the confirmed maps so far as spotted by Dexerto.


The few remaining heroes who’ve yet to get a map that represents them are the father-daughter tandem of Torbjorn and Brigitte. The Gothenburg map is not only located in Sweden, but it’s also located near the Ironclad Workshop, which Torbjorn owns. This game will most likely have a PvE mode, as seen in the trailer.


Those who were lucky to have participated in last year’s Blizzcon were able to play the game. Only the Toronto map was available, and it gained the applause of fans alike. The new map will have the new Push game mode.

In the Push game mode, players will have to guide a robot in pushing an objective. It’s a new concept for the game, and like Control, it forces both teams to go on the offensive.


A Rio map has been a part of Overwatch, but it’s only for Lucioball during the Summer Games. That will all change in Overwatch 2, though, as we are getting a fully-fledged map based on the region. From the look of things, the Rio map will be a Hybrid map as it features similarities with King’s Row.

However, we’ll still have to wait on Blizzard to know what type of game mode this map is for.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo map is one of the most beautiful maps coming to the game. It is packed with a casino, leading many to believe that it’s a map representing Maximilian from Talon.

If the Monte Carlo map represents him, this might mean that we’ll be getting that ominous Omnic as part of the roster for the game as well.

Beyond new characters and story elements, Overwatch 2 greatly expands upon the world of our favorite heroes. These four maps are just the beginning, though, as there’s a good chance that there will be more added in the game as the months go by.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/YouTube

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