Conflict between India and China affecting iPhone production

Latest reports say that India’s iPhone production is getting affected a lot due to its border tensions with its neighbor China.

Production of Apple’s iPhone manufacturing is going through a challenging phase as the India-China border conflict has increased further. In India, the smartphone assembly is witnessing a massive impact due to restrictions in issuing entrance visas.

iPhone production in India: What’s the current scenario?

The ongoing tension at the border between the South Asian nations is causing many problems for Apple because the iPhone assembly is becoming difficult to carry on.

After India banned many Chinese apps, it’s now also limiting the number of entrance visas. As a result of this, the production of the smartphone is taking more time than usual. The country is issuing fewer visas to Chinese engineers. They are necessary for Apple suppliers to get the production process underway.

But another reason is the pandemic itself since the new cases are also increasing. And due to that, India must have issued few visas to Chinese people. However, the tension of the border conflict cannot be ruled out either.

All in all, it’s the iPhone production that’s going through a lot of delays. And due to that, many Indian customers looking forward to buying the new model will have to wait longer now.

Apple’s next line-up of products in 2021

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is trying to maintain its significant growing revenues this year, just like 2020. While iPhone 12 series is mostly getting rave reactions, the company wants to give out even better products in the future.

When it comes to new reveals of 2021, there are many things to watch out for. Firstly, the AirTags and AirPods Studio are about to arrive soon. They didn’t come out previously because of several issues last year.

In June, the highly anticipated WWDC event will take place. It’s expected to give extensive details about what’s cooking up inside Apple. The highlight, though, will be the iOS 15 software for the company’s devices. It’s rumored to bring a ton of privacy options, just like iOS 14.

The new line-up of Apple Watch will also make its way before the end of the year. Plus, the next generation of iPhone models will also be unveiled.

iPhone 13 has already become a topic of multiple rumors and speculations. While some reports claim that it will have both the Face ID and Touch ID, others predict it to be portless. However, all these things should be taken with a grain of salt unless Apple makes the final, official announcement.


Image courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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