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‘Control: AWE’ confirms return of horror hero Alan Wake


Control: AWE releases a new teaser, confirming the return of beloved horror writer Alan Wake. The trailer hints a connection between two universes and much of its lore.

Control: AWE is a much-awaited expansion to the stunning third-person shooter, Control. While the subtitle is a dead giveaway, more Alan Wake lore is present in-game. By sprinkling parts of the original lore, it gives more credence to Wake’s experiences.

Remedy confirms crossover DLC in recent State of Play

To the uninitiated, Alan Wake was a horror third-person shooter. Alan experienced waking nightmares, attacked by dark shadows susceptible to light. Much of Alan Wake’s story plays around the perceived degradation of his mental state.

The game was ahead of its time, offering several mechanics that revolutionized horror games. The title was compelling, albeit relegated as a cult classic. Now, the hardy horror writer is likely coming back through Control.

In the recent Sony State of Play, Remedy made details official. The announcement started with a typewriter clacking—a signature detail of Alan Wake.

A sinister warning also shows up, saying, “Whatever you do, stay in the light.” This quote is a direct reference to Alan Wake’s gameplay. It reminds players always to find light sources to prevent shadows from smashing them.

The presentation also flashes, for a moment, a grayscale image of Alan Wake. The picture shows Alan at a much older and more disheveled state. The image carries his signature scowl and distressed look, likely from living an alternate world.

AWE expansion to add new weapons, enemies, and replayability

Remedy further revealed more details about Control: AWE on the Playstation blog. They explained that much of the expansion revolves around the Investigation Sector. This division is part of the Federal Bureau of Control, sealed off.

The bureau closed off this division after a succession of things going awry. Several years later, Control director Jesse Faden is looking for a way to take everything back. They do so by hunting a creature haunting the area for the past few years.

The expansion also packs new toys that players can wield. For starters, the Surge is a Service Weapon that acts as a sticky grenade launcher. Apart from weapons, players will also find new enemies lurking about.

The Hiss Airborne Ranger will be a pesky new enemy type. This enemy will pack a wallop with their shotgun and flight capabilities. New modes are also available, including a horde mode and areas like the Ashtray Maze.

Control: AWE will go live on all platforms on August 27. Remedy announced that the game would be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the same time.

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