‘Control’ developer notes PS5 “more ready” than Xbox

'Control Ultimate Edition' coming to Steam this month

Control developers Remedy Entertainment think Sony is more ready for next-gen than Xbox. They note how easier it was to port games to the PS5.

In an interview, Remedy dev Thomas Puha notes that he felt Sony was “a bit more ready” for next-gen. Much of the unease with the Xbox comes from the retooling that the company did.

Sony stuck with what it knows

Microsoft did a ton of preparation to create a whole new next-gen experience. Even then, things take make experiences easier for users don’t correlate with ease of use for devs. From what it seems, this is what happened with Remedy.

According to Puha, he notes that Sony sticking with its guns made development for the platform easier. The developer details that, even if both machines were great development tools, the PS5 offers a simpler transition.

“Sony stuck what worked, their development software and tools were pretty stable and good pretty early on,” Puha noted. “Microsoft opted to change quite a lot of things, which in the long run are probably good, but of course it was just a bigger hurdle for us devs early on because we had to rewrite a bunch of different things to take advantage of specific features.”

Xbox Series S is a problem for devs

Xbox has a couple of problems that make development for it troublesome. Chief among those, it seems, is the Xbox Series S.

According to Puha, the Series S offers challenges to devs. It notes how much more work it takes to develop a weaker system. It also pushes devs to make two different products instead of one.

“It’s no different from the previous generations where the system with the lowest specs does end up dictating a few of the things you’re going to do because you’re going to have to run on that system,” he said.

“The more hardware you have, the more you have to ultimately compromise a little bit when you are a smaller studio like us, when you just can’t spend as much time making sure all these platforms are super good.”

He also notes that the Series X and S are pushing devs to spend more time with quality assurance. This problem makes smaller studios need more manpower and resources.
Even then, he knows that as devs learn their way around the kit, development can get better over time.

Control is now out for the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. Xbox has recently added more games into its Games Pass. Sony, on the other hand, will give away indie games on the network soon.

Featured image courtesy of Control Remedy/Youtube Screenshot

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