‘Control’ have a new multiplayer spin-offnamed Remedy’s Project

Control has a new bigger-budgeted spin-off named Remedy’s Project, which is in the works.

How often do players come across a video game that will remind them of the one game that they played the most and loved as well?

Control is one such game that has been mesmerizing since the start and has particularly garnered a lot of fans jolting for the quick update of the game and how the sequels will work out.

What do the developers have to say?

The developer of Remedy Entertainment has announced officially that they are in the works of a new game right now, which will be a bigger budgeted spin-off for Control.

The game is going to take off on all the points where Control was left. The code name of the game will be Condor, and it will be a multiplayer spinoff of Control.

The developers have spoken about the release, but they are ready to set off the price, date, or even the story which will beat around that has been shared by Project Condor. But due to all the press release that has been happening for the game all around, the developers have confirmed the bit of the story.

Since it is being taken from the multiplayer perspective, it will have a four-player cooperative that will be set off in a PvE setting. This means that players have to be against the environment in this game. Control was mainly built around Northlight, and it is the same engine that is being used right now for building Condor.

When can fans expect the game to be released?

Developers have said that they have worked a lot on this sequel, and it is going to touch more and more into the hemisphere of Control. The game will be directly published by 505 Games.

The CEO of Digital Bros Group has said that Condor has all the potentiality of being a hit into the market because of the engagement that it will commute in the gaming community in the long run as it will be a huge contribution for 505 Games.

According to the recent press release, the companies have stated that this will be a highly paid collaboration model, which will be set on a bigger budget later this year outlined on collaborative forms, and all potential players can see the next installment in line.

The game will be released on major platforms such as Nintendo, Xbox Series, and even PlayStation.


Image courtesy of Gamematics/YouTube

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