‘Control’ studio Remedy is working on a new project

The studio behind the blockbuster Control game, Remedy Entertainment, will soon reveal a brand new IP. It’s currently in the very early stages.

In its latest business update, Control‘s Remedy teased a “new, exciting early-phase project.”

The game will soon enter its production phase.

What’s next for Remedy after the success of ‘Control’?

As per CEO Tero Virtala, in a recent business review, there are three games currently in development already.

He said that the new AAA project with Epic Games is moving ahead in total production. While the other, smaller-scale game is also continuing further quite smoothly.

He also added that with their free-to-play title Vanguard, the team had defined many core elements involved in the game.

“Development progresses at a good pace, internal playtesting continues, and we are starting the next phase of closed external gameplay testing.”

While there is no detail available for the unnamed project, it will surely be a big AAA IP after Control.

In the past, the studio worked on a one-game-at-a-time strategy. But it has expanded itself lately, especially after the funding from Epic.

Now it’s handling multiple things following the fresh hiring of new talent.

The studio is also working on CrossfireX and Crossfire HD.

As far as the unknown game is concerned, then it’s rumored to be connected in Remedy’s universe of past titles.

But it will remain a mystery unless an official announcement arrives soon.

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Video games coming in 2021

Meanwhile, the gaming arena is fast filling up with fresh releases. And the wave will only grow more significant with many upcoming heavyweights.

There is Far Cry 6 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition when it comes to the most-awaited potential blockbusters.

Halo Infinite, a new Call of Duty installment, STALKER 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and Deathloop are also highly anticipated.

However, that’s not everything coming in this year. There’s even more!

The vast line-up extends further with the likes of Dying Light 2, Back 4 Blood, No More Heroes 3, and Stray.

GhostWire: Tokyo, New World, Humankind, Psychonauts 2, Biomutant, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is another crucial launch.

Several recently announced projects making a debut soon are Glitchpunk, The Day Before, and Etched Memories. The latter will be quite an interesting title for the players because it will feature a Cat as the main protagonist, named Biscuit.

What do you think about all the major games releasing in this calendar? Are you excited and hyped for them?

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Image courtesy of Control Remedy/YouTube

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