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‘Control Ultimate Edition’ coming to Steam this month


Players are about to get Control Ultimate Edition, as the title is coming to Steam. Remedy’s superb new IP will come with both expansions and a much lower price.

Control Ultimate Edition is one of the few things players are waiting for this month. The game will have a Steam release on August 27 after a year on the Epic Games Store. Remedy and 505 Games gave the game’s Steam announcement today.

Control will come on Steam first

In an announcement blog, Sr. Brand Community Manager Antonela Pounder noted the upcoming release. The unveiling of the new product also came with a brand new trailer for Control.

“We’re excited to unveil Control Ultimate Edition, the complete Control package (featuring The Foundation and AWE expansions) coming to current gen and next gen consoles, as well as PC,” says Pounder in the official post. “And when we say PC, yes, we’re also talking about Steam! Our community have been keen to know more about the Steam edition of Control for some time now, so we’re thrilled to finally be able to talk about it.”

Ultimate Edition will come with the base game, together with two DLCs. The title will have The Foundation expansion and the upcoming AWE expansion. It will also contain all the updates that came since its release.

The release will come first on Steam on August 27. It will also come out everywhere else on September 10, including the EGS, PS4, and Xbox One. By around the end of 2020 and early 2021, the game will come out on next-gen consoles.

Control bundle will come at $40 on Steam

Control Ultimate Edition is something that Steam fans are waiting for. While many get hung up with the storefront they use, the new release will have its advantages.

For starters, the price will be phenomenal. The game will come at US$40 [AU$55.75] for the entire thing, which is a heavy price slash. Control on the Epic Games Store is US$60[AU$83.50], with DLC at US$15[AU$20.99].

The upcoming Alan Wake expansion will also come at $15 separately. In total, the entire game on EGS comes at $90, which is more than double the Ultimate Edition. Whichever storefront players use, they will likely enjoy the game.

Steam users are patient with waiting for games to come on Steam. Many EGS games coming to Steam sell much better once they reach the storefront.

Control Ultimate Edition will be available for Steam users on August 27 for $40[AU$55.75]. The entire set will be available much later on EGS in September. Players can still download Control: AWE expansion separately on EGS.

Images courtesy of Control Remedy/Youtube Screenshot

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