Core i5 Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go back in stock

Core i5 Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go back in stock

The Not Pink Core i5 variant of Google Pixelbook Go is finally back in stock on Google Store, after being unavailable for three months.

It looks like the Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go is the most popular variant, as it went out of stock immediately after it was released.

The Not Pink option didn’t immediately become available upon the Google Pixelbook Go release last October 2019. Media outlets note that the then-leak of the Not Pink variant triggered the curiosity of the many, which resulted in massive pre-orders.

So, imagine the consumers’ disbelief when it wasn’t readily made available by Google upon the Pixelbook Go’s release. In fact, it took three months before this special skin was officially released, which was in the middle of January this year.

Chrome OS fans were then quick to purchase the Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go, wiping it off of stock availability almost immediately.

Not Pink Core i5 variant restocked

Nevertheless, after another three months of waiting, Google was finally able to replenish its units for its Core i5 variant. Per 9to5Google, since January, only the US$1,399 [US$2,112] unit has been available until recently.

The $1,399 unit is a Core i7 Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go, with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Meanwhile, the Core i5 variant retails at $849, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

There is a 16GB/128GB variant for $999; however, it is notedly going in and out of stock, so grabbing a unit may need a bit of luck. Readers are advised to try on Amazon, should the Google Store immediately run out of stock again, as both the $849 and the $999 units are available there.

What makes Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go popular?

Actually, the Not Pink option is a bit more expensive than its other color option—Just Black. This color option is not available in Intel Core m3 system, which is actually just $649.

With $849, there are actually other laptop brands that can offer bigger storage, bigger RAM, and even a 4K screen.

It’s all about the Salmon lid, actually, that intrigues the avid Google followers. It brings a different outlook and class on a laptop, and it is indeed very pleasing to the eyes.

The Not Pink Pixelbook Go has a rigged bottom for grip, and the vibrant pink hue extends to its plastic—around the keyboard and the trackpad. The 13.3-inch screen, on the other hand, is surrounded by a black border.

Featured image courtesy of Chromebook Official Blog

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