Coronavirus cases among children on rise in US as schools reopen

As schools reopen in the USA, a surge in Coronavirus cases among children has been recorded.

Even though online classes are still followed in many major cities across the US, some schools reopened with over 1.8 million students attending school.

Risks related to reopening educational institutions amid the pandemic

The risk is always high with students as they are close to each other for long hours during the day. Some schools have already temporarily shut down again after opening this school year, given the increase in cases.

However, as reported by CNN Health, several schools have still managed to keep the numbers from increasing by testing every student that attends class.

“New York will make public a report card on testing and results for every school, adding that districts vary in offering digital or in-person learning, or a combination. Moreover, every school district has to report every day to the Department of Health about how many tests were taken, what type of test, what was the result, and all that information will be available online,” Andrew Cuomo said.

Alarming Coronavirus positive cases in children

As stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association, there have been 513,000 cases of coronavirus among children in the United States of America as schools continue to commence as the new school year begins.

“These numbers are a scary reminder of why we need to take this virus seriously. While a lot remains unknown about COVID-19, we do know that the spread among children reflects what is happening in the broader communities,” said the American Academy of Pediatrics President, Dr. Sally Goza, in the groups’ weekly report on pediatric coronavirus cases.

Also, the social distancing as a health protocol not being appropriately followed is another primary reason for spreading the virus in schools and colleges. Asymptomatic people also spread the virus quickly.

Although kids are infected less with the coronavirus than adults and experience lesser complications, they can spread it quickly in school due to small classrooms, not maintaining their distances.

A report by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ committee states that the number of children infected is on the rise in the last few weeks, and hospitalization and deaths have significantly increased since the virus outbreak earlier this year.

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