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Coronavirus: Global cases cross 90 million mark


Amid the hopes of a vaccine, global Coronavirus cases have now gone past the mark of 90 million. Various nations are still working on a cure.

According to Reuters, Coronavirus cases, globally, have now crossed the 90 million barriers. They will soon touch the 100 million figure if there’s no solid result in the form of a universal vaccine.

Even after imposing lockdowns, governments of all the countries are not able to stop the surging infections.

Coronavirus: The situation getting worse with the new variant

There’s a need to panic now, especially after discovering a new variant of COVID-19 a few weeks ago. The new strains of the virus were found in the UK and South Africa. And now they are spreading rapidly in all other countries as well. It’s because of many flights that recently traveled from the United Kingdom to different destinations.

Speaking of the most-affected region, the United States is still leading others. Europe recently crossed 3 million cases last Friday. Reuters reported that the continent also accounted for 31 percent of 1.93 million global death figures.

And with the new variant of Coronavirus, it has become hard for doctors to find a really effective cure. Previous trials of vaccines are said to be strong, but there’s no certainty of an impact in terms of new strains.

Talking about Asian nations, then India is also suffering from the rapid growth of new infections. A few weeks ago, there seemed to be a control. But after the discovery of another variant, the country also witnessed a rise in domestic cases.

As of now, many authorities have imposed another round of lockdowns globally.

Will there be a full-proof vaccine in 2021?

Coming onto the vaccine, then no specific sample, yet, has been touted to be universally effective. Yes, many countries have their own cures already and will start giving their citizens shots in the next few days. But the question remains: will there be a full-proof vaccine in 2021?

Well, it seems unlikely as of now because of the rising cases of the new variant. There is a lot of confusion and doubts among people regarding the already made cures. Will they succeed against the new kind of COVID-19? Will there be any side-effects?

Recently, India reported several cases of deaths in which individuals were given vaccine shots. And a few days after that, some of them died. Although there was no actual evidence, questions were raised on the vaccine itself; to be the cause behind the deaths.

Despite many efforts to prevent it from entering the new year, Coronavirus is still here. And it seems like it will affect the global population in 2021 as well unless there is an “actual vaccine.”

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