Coronavirus: Keir Starmer questions Boris Johnson’s leadership

Coronavirus: Keir Starmer questions Boris Johnson's leadership

Labour leader called out the U.K. government’s handling of the pandemic and demanded a clear coronavirus strategy.

Labour leader Keir Starmer blatantly expressed his dismay towards the national government’s coronavirus response and accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “serial incompetence.”

Keir Starmer criticizes U.K. government

In his interview with The Guardian’s Observer, Starmer said that Boris Johnson has “lost control” of the battle against the current health crisis. The attack came following the alarming rise of coronavirus cases across Britain, reaching more than 12, 000 new cases in one day only on Saturday, October 3.

“I think they have lost control of the virus. And I do not want to see death rates go up. Nobody does,” the labor leader explained.

He then argued about the government’s actions way back early March, when the test, trace, and isolate system was abandoned. Yet eventually tried to build a system which, as he described, is not an “effective working system.”

Concerned over the confusing and always changing COVID-19 policies that left many Britons angry and disappointed, Starmer also demanded a clear “roadmap” on how to halt the spread of the disease and what will the approach be until a vaccine arrives.

Starmer stated that a new strategy should be produced in the next days to reassure Britons.

“There is not a strategy. There is a vacuum there. And that is because there is a division in the cabinet as to which strategy they should be following,” he continued.

Keir Starmer also believed that health officials, as well as local councils, should be involved in the fight against the coronavirus. He also blamed the divide among top government officials.

Britain records highest daily figure

The labor leader’s criticisms appear justified, on the one hand.

Just on Saturday, the U.K. has posted a total of 12, 872 new COVID-19 cases. The figure is the highest daily turnout since the pandemic hit the country, breaking Tuesday’s figure of 7, 143 cases.

The jump, however, was due to delayed reporting according to the U.K. government.

“This means the total reported over the coming days will include some additional cases from the period between 24 September and 1 October, increasing the number of cases reported,” the national government explained.

The country is now processing an estimated 200, 000 samples a day which is half of the number—or 1000, 000, to e exact—the country had processed since the beginning of the pandemic, per the Reuters.

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