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No vaccine ‘targets’, but Australians could still be vaccinated by end of year

This week’s budget assumes Australians will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of the year, despite Prime Minister…

4 days ago

What is the Moderna COVID vaccine? Does it work, and is it safe?

Overnight, Boston-based pharmaceutical company Moderna announced a new supply agreement with Australia for 25 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine.…

4 days ago

COVID-19 pandemic was ‘preventable’, WHO-set independent panel claims

The World Health Organization ordered an independent review to find answers about the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as come up…

4 days ago

Fourth stimulus check ‘unlikely’ to arrive, reports say

Many individuals continue to wait for new updates about the fourth stimulus check, reportedly amounting to $2,000. The Internal Revenue…

4 days ago

COVID-19: How to ‘cautiously hug’ amid the pandemic?

The United Kingdom will resume its "cautious" hugging next week as the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions continue to ease. The…

6 days ago

Should we vaccinate all returned travellers in hotel quarantine? It’s no magic fix but it could reduce risks

This week, a returned traveller who was quarantining in South Australia seems to have been infected with the virus during…

6 days ago