Could ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ be getting a hurricane soon?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Windy Setting

Weather has always been a significant aspect of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. More than just giving players dynamics in how the environment is portrayed, they have useful functions, too.

Raining, for example, lets Mother Nature do the watering of plants for you, subsequently giving rise to new breeds of plants. In addition to opening a chance to catch a rare fish. A sunny clear sky, on the other hand, can provide the island with some needed star fragments that are essential in making wands.

Subtle Nature of Wind

But if there is one weather that does not offer any meaningful impact in the game, it’s got to be the wind.

While, sure, the wind element in the game gives players a unique sight of the purview of the surrounding areas. Such as seeing the game’s diverse floras rustling or viewing a floating balloon move in a direction. But this feature is not nearly as significant as the aforementioned.

Yet, what if this element in the game we otherwise consider as trivial may offer something serious, after all? Like, depending on the magnitude, wind can be an indication of something disastrous, like a hurricane.

Strong Wind, Strong Reactions

One dataminer who has the means to tinker in the game’s inaccessible feature has demonstrated what a strong wind would look like in-game. Twitter user Ninji played with the game’s weather simulation, cranking up the wind to see how the game reacts with it.

In a tweet, Ninji described what he noticed first-hand. Describing it as a “surreal” experience, suggesting the unharmonious blend between real and dream.

Looking into the video with the tweet, one can easily perceive what the dataminer was referring to. While the element itself is lacking enough force to make any significant impact, it’s clear how the game’s many assets interact with it.

Excluding the player’s avatar, the trees, the plants, and other significant assets react violently proportionate to the strength of the wind. Although far from conclusive, the footage is likely a tell-tale sign of an inherent potential in New Horizons. That is the possibility of it getting a more extreme version of the windy weather in the form of a hurricane.

Minus the Actual Effect

Realistically-speaking we cannot expect a such feature to adhere to the same effect as it does in real life. Like, causing massive casualty arising from the aftermath of the ravaging wind that is the hurricane indeed. Even then, doing so will only add significant unwanted frustration to most players.

Personally, I would not dream about it. Nevertheless, I would be ecstatic to see it in-game sans the adverse effects, just for the unique perspective.

Image used courtesy of DORRITO/YouTube Screenshot

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