Could ‘Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory’ only be this small?

Square Enix latest entry in the Kingdom Hearts series is a mix between a rhythm game and RPG, which makes for a refreshing twist. With the game nearing its release—Nov. 13, 2020—it’s pretty much mostly done to state with finality certain details to it. According to KH13, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory could only be five or eight Gigabytes small.

The information was originally extracted from the game’s information as posted on both eShop and the Microsoft store. Showing, respectively, the different file sizes of the game between the Switch and Xbox One releases.

What is interesting to note also is the fact that both games are already up for pre-ordering, as of writing.

‘Small’ Mainline Entry

For a game that is considered a follow-up to Kingdom Hearts 3, not another spin-off, this easily makes the game a triple-A title. And for a title that consists of 140 tracks as part of its overall gameplay, the game looks pretty small. This is also especially true in comparison with the title it indeed succeeds on the PlayStation 4, a game that takes no less than 40 Gigabytes of storage memory.

But two schools of thought would justify why that is the case. One is the fact that the information posted is only tentative and may be subject to change at any time. This is indeed reasonable, considering that the game is at least two months away from the official launch.

Another thinking is the fact that the game could be really short. One whose redeeming factor as a premium-priced game is its subjective replayability. Meaning, the game might not be packing that much of content but gives enough reason for repeat play.

If the latter is true and the former is false, this could suggest pretty straightforward storytelling. This, despite trailers showing mainly Sora and company leading the game, could also be about Kairi’s journey towards finding Sora in her dreams.

Multiple Playable Characters

However, as far as the number of playable characters, we’ve previously informed that the game will showcase multiple of them. Essentially, varying depending on which game in the series the player chooses to play at, rhythmic style.

As a rhythm game, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories will invest heavily in nostalgia as it features Yoko Shimomura’s fantastic music compositions. Which for any Kingdom Hearts and music fans, in general, might be more than good enough as selling highlights of the game.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories is set for release on November 13, 2020, on the Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Image used courtesy of KINGDOM HEARTS/YouTube Screenshot

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