Could new iOS 14.2 Public Beta update mean iPhone 12 is coming?

Could new iOS 14.2 Public Beta update mean iPhone 12 is coming?

With the pace Apple is testing and releasing the latest iOS, it may indicate that the iPhone 12 could just be around the corner.

The iOS 14.2 Public Beta 2 is now available to every iPhone user. These new updates came just a week after Apple’s last release. This may be taken as a sign that the iPhone 12 could be released any day now.

Understanding the iOS 14’s relationship with the iPhone 12

Apple iPhone users would be able to see a new software update available in their settings. Apple wants their community to help them out in polishing and refining the new iOS 14.2. In late September, the company released the first public beta for the iOS 14.2.

Apple has a reputation for upgrading their products’ operating systems from time to time. So the arrival of the iOS 14.2 doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. However, given that the company will also use this for the iPhone 12, the iOS 14 does matter.

The release of the iOS 14.2 came with big new features (including 117 new emojis) and bug fixes from the iOS 14.01. Now, Apple did release this second iOS 14.2 public beta on short notice but it did come with new features that weren’t included in the last release because they were too buggy.

What this means

So far, it would seem as though Apple has finally fixed the issues that had plagued the previous release. Apple had finally fixed the bugs that the participants reported in the last release. And as far as development goes, it is already finished and ready for launch.

With the iOS 14.2 having little to no need for improvement could mean that an iPhone 12 launch could just be around the corner.

Word is going around that several retailers are expecting to receive iPhone 12 units as early as next week. This may also include the purported iPhone 12 mini. Not only that, Chinese media had previously reported that Foxxcon has been running their factory in China 24 hours a day. Foxconn is Apple’s contract manufacturer in China and is the company’s main manufacturer.

The manufacturer will reportedly cancel workers’ holidays and will introduce mandatory overtime with benefits.

Rumored mid-October release

Apple could hold another event this coming October 13 where they could announce the new iPhone 12. A launch event on October 23 will supposedly follow this unveiling. All of these are just speculation so far. However, AppleInsider and even the infamous Apple leaker Jon Prosser seemed to be convinced of this rumor’s validity.

While there is no definitive release for the iPhone 12 yet, it’s highly likely that word would be released soon.


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