Could this TV show take cryptocurrency mainstream?

Could this TV show take crypto mainstream?

Entourage star Kevin Connolly made a surprise appearance at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami this week to announce his involvement in a new TV series about cryptocurrency.

Picking up where Entourage left off, ‘Cryptos’ focuses on a group of four friends who launch their own cryptocurrency and ‘decentralised film studio’ in order to finance movies.

Connolly, who played Eric ‘E’ Murphy in Entourage has signed on for an actor/director role in the project, which is still at a very early stage of development.

Connolly said the show’s David and Goliath theme appealed to him.

“Initially when I read the script the thing that I was most interested in is how it’s basically about a group of frustrated actors that say ‘fuck this, let’s just do it on our own, we know cryptocurrency, we can take on the [Hollywood] system,’” he said.

Entourage star Kevin Connolly is appearing in a crypto TV show.
Entourage star Kevin Connolly is appearing in a crypto TV show.

The producers behind the series are blockchain true believers, Jason King who founded the Academy School of Blockchain and Erik Sords, who founded Dionysia, ‘the world’s first decentralized global studio.’

Connolly admitted the Miami blockchain event was his first direct interaction with crypto, but said he was eager to learn.

“The thing that scares people about crypto is a lack of understanding. People like myself are still learning, but the curiosity is there.”

“These guys (King and Sors) want to bring (crypto) to the mainstream for the better of cryptocurrency. I’m just the filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and exploring cool characters. For me it’s about relationships and friendships. That’s what people tune in to see.”

The 10 part series is not yet funded, though Sords and King believe the addition of the Entourage star has increased the chance the project will be picked up by the likes of Netflix or Amazon.

“Today was our first big day introducing the project to the community, and we’ll see what the response is,” Connolly said.

Crypto Twitter responded to news of the project with a series of memes poking fun at the concept, including a mock up of a ‘CryptoFellas’ poster featuring Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, Binance’s CZ and Tron’s Justin Sun.

Crypto TV show
A mock up of a ‘CryptoFellas’ poster.

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