Could this update in Nintendo’s Amiibo website a hint over something?

Could Nintendo's Amiibo addition be pointing to any of these fighters?

After a recent update to the index of Nintendo’s Amiibo site, a report circulated suggesting of what appears to be a probable addition to the fighters roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

According to the report, an upcoming Amiibo figure is set to take place on the list. A new entry that will sit in between Sonic and Toon Link.

Unlocking the Mystery Amiibo Figure

The website did not have anything revealing beyond a blank space and a few insignificant labels, indicating the Amiibo’s coming presence.

But if there’s anything obvious about the page, it is that its items are sorted in alphabetical order. Meaning, that the new Amiibo’s position likely indicates either an ‘S’ or ‘T’ as the first letter in its name.

As of writing, the aforementioned Nintendo Amiibo page is updated, removing the mystery space for the hinted character. In its place, Squirtle takes the space because of its name.

One does not have to be familiar with the comprehensive list of Amiibo to know that Squirtle isn’t necessarily a new entry. The page itself openly discloses that the Pokemon figure is part of the index since September 20, 2019.

Connecting the Dots

To figure out where the rumor is coming from, however, one must look back at the previous Nintendo Direct for SSBU. To those who had the chance to view the video would recall how the Sakurai disclosed the new set of fighters DLC.

As it appears, one of the upcoming fighters would be coming from the ARMS franchise. Looking into ARMS, only two characters make for a likely candidate, both of which with a name starting with letter ‘S.’ One is Spring Man, while the other is Springton.

Spring Man may have been a likely choice, except that he is already in the game as an Assist Trophy. But the possibility of Spring Man becoming a full fighter is not altogether out of possibility, either.

If Spring Man is not it, then Springton makes for a probable contender to space. But there is a naysay claiming that the villainous character is not worthy of full representation, rather just an Echo Fighter.

Official Statement Coming Soon

With the supposed proof from the Amiibo page nothing but removed, it makes speculation more difficult. What remains, however, is incriminating evidence from the original report.

While true or not, we will not know for now. We better just wait for the official announcement from Nintendo, which should not be too far now considering the June 16 window.

Image used courtesy of ProsafiaGaming/YouTube Screenshot

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