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‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ gets new world rankings


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about to get a new world ranking system. The new ranks will allow players to take breaks without losing their current position.

For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the rankings will help players with their work-life balance. The entire system came from the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association. It concentrates on removing the need for players to attend every event to hold onto their ranks.

CSPPA World Ranking decides on three points to address

According to reports, the CSPPA World Ranking came from a big group of player reps and consultants. From the 30 people they consulted, they overhauled the leaderboards in a variety of areas.

First, the association wanted a more sustainable work-life balance for pros. It’s commonplace to have physical and mental health issues from burnouts. Stress becomes detrimental to the quality of performance within the game.

Second, the new rankings are for an increase in simplicity and transparency. That is to say, the system will be easier to understand and easier to predict for more people. The last area is for greater inclusivity, and diversity within the rankings.

To help with the first point, players can get their rankings protected. In case of injury, illness, or mental health issues, they get ranking protection.

Individual matches also don’t move the bar to placings. Furthermore, events outside the jurisdiction of the CSPPA world rankings won’t remit.

Rankings will come from long-term performance within a tournament. Subsequently, this move will prevent any mid-season dip to hit player rankings.

CSPPA outlines areas of improvement for rankings

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most cutthroat games out there. Rankings decide many people’s careers, and one unlucky streak can ruin a career. CSPPA is looking to prevent this from happening.

“Current rankings systems incentivise players to play as many matches and tournaments as possible,” listed the announcement document. “[Current rankings] often fail to afford players and teams reasonable protections in case players are unable to attend matches or tournaments due to health and burnout issues.”

According to the press release, around 75% of all CS: GO pro salaries vary due to ranking. It also affects how many invites they get, what events they get, and the level of exposure they have.

“Rankings are important for players because it affects basically every single part of every player’s career, whether it be from getting invites to tournaments or what the community perceives of the teams, and even parts of your contract deal with it,” said Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski of Team Liquid.

The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leaderboard is effective immediately. Furthermore, CSPPA is looking to take on the challenge of a consistently growing community.

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