Courteney Cox can’t stand Matthew Perry’s nonstop calling, neediness: Rumor

Courteney Cox can't stand Matthew Perry’s nonstop calling, neediness: Rumor

Matthew Perry is, allegedly, relying on Courteney Cox following his split from Molly Hurwitz.

According to OK! magazine, Courteney Cox wants to be there for Perry. However, she couldn’t also help but feel upset because he needs her too much.

“He’s on the phone night and day with Courteney. It’s pushing her patience to the max and then some,” the source said.

Matthew Perry calling Courtney Cox even while she's on a date 

Matthew Perry calling Courtney Cox even while she’s on a date

The insider added that Perry isn’t doing well. After all, he just called off his engagement to Hurwitz. And the Friends star was also involved in a scandal on the dating app, Raya.

As such, Perry, allegedly, needs all the support that he could get to the point that he’s getting in between Cox and Johnny McDaid’s relationship.

“Courteney and Johnny will be out on a date night or enjoying a nice evening at home and sure enough, it’s Matthew calling again. Courteney’s got a big heart and feels sorry for the guy, but even she’s reaching her limit,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Perry has been leaning on Courteney Cox too much following his split.

This isn’t the first time that Cox and Perry were linked to a dubious rumor.

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston worried about Matthew Perry

Last year, Life & Style claimed that Cox and Jennifer Aniston were worried about the actor’s addiction and relapse.

“No one has found being in lockdown easy, including Matt. Add to that his recent breakup and he’s got a lot on his mind. [They] can’t help but worry about Matt. When he’s in a dark place, he cuts himself off from the rest of the world. So they’ve been frantically calling, checking in to see how he’s doing, anything to make Matt feel less alone right now,” the source said, as per Life & Style.

However, there’s no proof that Perry relapsed last year. As such, there’s no reason for Aniston and Courteney Cox to worry about him too much.

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