Courtney Stodden wants to join bully Chrissy Teigen in tell-all interview

Chrissy Teigen shares heartbreaking news about her son Jack 

Courtney Stodden accused Chrissy Teigen of twisting her stories and using interviews to save herself.

Chrissy Teigen wants to sit with Oprah Winfrey for a Meghan Markle-style interview – and Courtney Stodden aims to join them.

In a new bombshell interview, Stodden – who preferred they/them pronouns – said that they want to make it an interesting conversation. They added that they want to be involved to help those who became her victims in the past.

“Oprah has a really big platform, and I think that if it helps save lives by me sharing my story, I would consider it,” the model said.

Stodden added that it is way important to be kind in this world in the middle of mean and abusive people. That way, they could help people in need.

Why Chrissy wants to talk to Oprah Winfrey

Stodden’s statement came only a week after a source told Naughty But Nice podcast that Teigen considers a tell-all interview.

According to the insider, doing it in a Meghan Markle way would provide damage control in her reputation. Teigen currently deals with accusations from Stodden, Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abraham, and Michael Costello.

The latter victim said that John Legend’s wife bullied him to the point that he wanted to kill himself. Until now, he, reportedly, feels traumatized by what happened.

“I didn’t want to do this, but I can not be happy until I speak my mind,” he captioned the post. “I need to heal and in order for me to do that I must reveal what I’ve been going through.”

Costello added that Teigen accused him of being a racist. When he reached out to Teigen, the model, reportedly, told her that he was not who he was and that his career was already over.

However, Teigen’s team alleged that Costello faked the screenshots that suggested she bullied him.

This week, the model’s team released a statement accusing him of altering the document. They also pointed out that several inconsistencies proved the modifications.

Teigen released apology statements

Following the emergence of the bullying claims, Teigen already published two apology statements on her social media accounts.

She penned the first one on Medium where she addressed the “very humbling few weeks.” She also apologized to everyone she has hurt.

This month, she released another one but got backlash instead.

On Friday, she will officially step away from her brand Safely which she launched with Kris Jenner.

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