COVID-19 cases increasing lockdown pressure in UK

Boris Johnson is under pressure to impose a new tier three lockdown as COVID-19 cases go on increasing.

England can go for a Tier 3 lockdown by the time Christmas starts. Scientists are pushing the government to impose stricter lockdown rules to control the country’s rising COVID-19 cases.

The advisers are further suggesting to extend its nationwide lockdown until mid-December. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) warns that by the festive season, the country’s infection rate will surpass the already existing levels.

Chief-scientist Sir Patrick Vallance suggested that more than 25,000 individuals will be hospitalized due to the virus by the end of November.

Tighter lockdowns and bleak numbers

So far, the country has registered 917,575 cases and more than 45,000 deaths. As per the government’s model by Sir Vallance, the current number of 9,199 will be doubled within the next weeks.

The model prepared by the scientific community depicts that the situations can take an ugly turn in the coming days. Additionally, it also suggested the need for tighter lockdowns in December.

Over the last week, the number of deaths daily has reached 200 in the country. It is the first and the highest daily statistic after recording 422 in May. Sir Vallance has also warned that the number is yet to increase and will do so in November.

The medical director of Public Health England, Dr. Yvonne Doyle, supported the statement and said that the death toll due to COVID-19 would continue for a period of time.

A source from the government has told The Sun magazine that “the latest Sage numbers are utterly bleak.” The northern regions like Nottinghamshire and Warrington will be placed under level three lockdown starting from this week.

Wishful thinking in the extreme

As per the rules, pubs and bars will be closed if they are not serving meals. Households will be banned from mixing. Other regions like Greater Manchester, Lancashire, the Liverpool City Region are already under stricter lockdowns.

In light of the new rules, the northern leaders accuse the government of forcing them into restrictions. They further stated that these restrictions would take a toll on the regional economy without any financial support.

Also, the government previously stated that it wants the families to celebrate Christmas traditionally. Scientists made a stark comment saying that it’s wishful thinking in the extreme.

Nearly 50 backbench conservative MP’s penned a letter to the PM Boris Johnson. They requested the PM to lay down a clear road map out of COVID-19 response to help recover the economy.

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