COVID-19: G7 Summit deemed a ‘superspreader’ event following case surge in Cornwall

COVID-19: G7 Summit deemed a 'superspreader' event following case surge in Cornwall

There are allegations that there were no COVID-19 restrictions at the G7 Summit. But, sources for fact-checking state otherwise.

The 47th G7 Summit took place from June 11 to 13 in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. The leaders of the participating countries discussed several topics, including climate change, foreign policy, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reports noted that Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the event as a “successful” one. However, several claims have since emerged, calling the summit a “superspreader” event.

Forbes recently released a report on the matter. Based on the new case count data from the U.K. government, the significant gathering appears to have “sparked off a significant rise” in coronavirus cases in Cornwall.

Why people are calling the G7 Summit a COVID-19 “superspreader” event

The assertions first came from inews. As noted, the area where the G7 Summit took place has seen a 2,500 percent increase in COVID-19 cases since the event.

Although the number continues to grow in several parts of the country, Cornwall reportedly experienced a “sharp jump” after the summit. From four cases per 100,000 individuals, per week last June 2, the figure has now jumped up to 131 cases per 100,000 people, per week on June 16.

The publication emphasized, though, that there are no suggestions, pointing out world leaders to have contributed to the rise of COVID-19 cases. Likewise, there are no speculations whether they are “in any danger from the outbreak.”

While the delegates are unlikely to have contributed to the spike, there is reportedly a possibility that the staff present at the event did. Moreover, thousands of security officials, police officers, and protestors were in nearby areas “before, during, and after” the three-day summit.

Why people are calling the G7 Summit a COVID-19 "superspreader" event What the officials from Cornwall are saying

As the speculations continue to develop, officials and reps from the local government of Cornwall “deny” that the G7 Summit has had something to do with the rise of COVID-19 cases in the area.

They stated that the links are with younger people, adding that there is no link with the G7 event. Also, the Cornwall Council cited the “more transmissible Delta variant,” which remains apparent across the country.

Precautions were in place

Amid the development of the “superspreader” claims, there are allegations, as well, stating that the G7 Summit in Cornwall had no COVID-19 restrictions. These assertions came to light after posts on social media went viral.

The photo in question shows some of the world leaders, like U.S. President Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth, chatting without face masks, and are in close contact. The post also comes with a caption, “one massive scam on humanity.”

Following the virality of the post, USA News fact-checked the accompanying allegations. Based on their research, the claims are false, noting that there were COVID-19 restrictions in place at the G7 Summit.

Images courtesy of CBC News/YouTube

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