COVID-19 infections continues to spread at University of Georgia

COVID-19 infections rapidly spread at the University of Georgia, reporting more than 4,000 new positive cases.

According to the University of Georgia’s recent report, there are around 2,900 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the school of nearly 39,000 students. The University of Georgia’s outbreak is now the fastest growing in universities, though it reports several cases among its campus inhabitants.

Worldwide COVID-19 statistics

Clarke Country is now in the 23rd position for recording the new number of cases per capita among the various U.S. countries in the past 14 days, reported by The Associated Press. The spread of the virus is rapidly increasing to 8% compared to the past week, which recommends people to conduct a surveillance test to keep an eye on new cases.

Recent reports of COVID-19 cases in the college community

UGA has announced Tuesday that the number of surveillance tests is increasing from 360 to 450 and calls new people to take a medical examination, especially starting with campus housing residents. Georgia College and State University show results of 645 positive COVID-19 cases since August 1. It has raised many infections on campus, and new cases are slowed down compared to the previous. But COVID-19 cases are rapidly changing at Georgia Southern University, with 942 total infections in the last week. From the beginning of August, Georgia reports a total of 717 new cases that urge students to shift into a single room from shared dorms.

Sound decisions and turn the trajectory

University of Georgia’s executive director, Dr. Garth Russo, opened up in a press that the spread of COVID-19 is continuing because one faculty member from the university tested positive last week. American Association of University Professors has recently signed a petition to summon for the system to move to fully online instructions. More than 350 staff members have extended their hands to receive a good response. Every university is obliged to have at least some in-person classes opening at all the schools, dictated the Board of Regents.

The President, Jere Morehead, dictated the word “disturbing” after calling “concerning” in the past seven days. He also insisted students look after their physical well-being and added that everyone should follow the Government rules.

Morehead, in his statement, said the every one of us should make a sound decision that quickly turns into the trajectory, as followed in some other institutions.

The institution has planned to follow some in-person classes, with dorms and dining halls, though the administrators fail to create strict rules.

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