COVID-19 pandemic pushes WhatsApp to upgrade, allows more users in group call

WhatsApp is reportedly allowing more than four users join a group call

WhatsApp is joining in on the video conferencing app stage. WhatsApp is finally working on an update that will allow more than four users to join a group call.

It is safe to say that the office work set up shall never be the same again after the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has forced most companies around to world to implement a work from home setup.

For some employees working from home is more productive because the daily factor of commuting to and from work is eradicated. For some, it is a burden because home is where they are supposed to rest. Moreover, for others, working in a home setup is not conducive for productivity.

At the end of the health crisis, the million dollar question for companies will be,

If the company implements a work from home setup, what will be the most secure application to use?

Whatsapp to allow more than 4 participants in a group call

Among the many instant messaging apps available in application stores in Google and Apple, WhatsApp is the most popular. Unfortunately, its group call features is one of its major drawback, forcing its users to migrate to other applications.

Previously, WhatsApp only allowed up to 4 participants in a group video or voice call. A report has confirmed that an update is on its way to upgrade this feature.

According to the report, WhatsApp has confirmed that the participants allowable in a group call will be increased. However, the specific number of participants remains undisclosed.

Additionally, the feature is only available for those that will download the latest update from the Google Playstore or App Store.

Secure end-to-end encryption by WhatsApp

WhatsApp boasts of its end-to-end encryption. It is a form of secure connection between users that prevents hackers or lurkers joining in a conversation.

End-to-end encryption is not as common as it seems especially with the recent debacle that Zoom is facing.

Zoom presently enjoys the most number of additional users among video conferencing apps. Unfortunately, despite its ease of use, it also comes with a security issue in regards to its encryption.

This has forced several countries and multi-national companies to boycott the app. The boycott of Zoom is an opportunity that can be taken advantage of by WhatsApp. The new feature of the group call will be a welcome addition especially for WhatsApp heavy users.

Moreover, companies may also consider migrating their video conference meetings in WhatsApp given the additional allowable participants.

Image courtesy of Allie Smith/ Unsplash

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