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COVID-19 quarantine tips: Nintendo Switch games that’ll give you a full workout


Now that staying inside is more advisable than ever, people are left to have minimal choices when it comes to working out. The good thing is that there are many games that can guide people through exercising, but most of those games are found on the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to its Joy-Cons and the ingenuity of Nintendo, there are quite a few games on the Nintendo Switch that lets players work up a sweat. These titles may not be as effective as actual gyms, but they still burn through calories pretty quickly.

RingFit Adventure

RingFit Adventure is considered as one of the best exercise games to date. The game comes with a leg strap and a sturdy pilates ring that will house the Joy-Cons while playing the title. There are various ways to enjoy RingFit Adventure, but perhaps the best way to do so is through the game’s story mode.

The story mode pits players against a variety of enemies that can be beaten through various exercises. Other modes include a dance challenge and a way to create custom exercises for players.

Just Dance

Just Dance is available across all consoles, even the Wii. It’s basically a dance instructional video that features songs from all around the world and in various generations. It can be played in solo, competitive, or even cooperative modes. Developer Ubisoft even added a mode that will get players moving and sweating.

The game gets a new version each year, and these come with new songs and modes to enjoy. What’s even better is that players can buy and download extra songs online, so there will be new ways to enjoy the game each time.

Zumba: Burn It Up

Zumba is a form of dance exercising that’s pretty popular worldwide. Thanks to Zumba: Burn It Up for the Nintendo Switch, this form of working out is available even at home.

The game brings over 30 songs to dance out to, and these come from top artists like Cardi B and Ciara. Throughout the experience, players will be guided by real-life Zumba instructions that can help them get their forms correctly.

It may look like a breeze to play this game, but the routines themselves can get pretty complex, especially at higher difficulties. The good thing is that the intensity of each session can be adjusted so everyone can get in on the fun easily.

These games will get players sweating while in quarantine. Aside from making exercises more fun, these games will also help players stay fit and healthy while at home.

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