COVID-19 research revealed that the virus’ effect is strong on men than women

When COVID-19 emerged, it brought chaos to not just one nation, but throughout the globe. The impact of this virus led to various research and studies.

It appears that the ongoing research rendered troubling results. For one, it appears that the effects of the virus are stronger over men than women.

How COVID-19 affected the world

Throughout history, pandemics seemed to co-exist with humans. It had a way of getting in by creating an unprecedented impact globally. Now with COVID-19, the world is yet to brace for another great challenge.

COVID-19 nearly led to millions of deaths as it sweeps across the world. Statistics from WHO revealed that more than one-third of the world’s population is on lockdown. Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have closed their borders to prevent the spreading of the disease.

Why men are more affected than women

According to Sarah Hawkes, the director of the UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health in the UK,

“We are seeing with every country that provides us with sex-disaggregated data that men are more likely to die from the virus, anything from 10 percent to more than twice as likely.”

This statement is based on the study conducted by the centre and their collated data on gender and COVID-19. Although the study included the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions, it also included the impact of the virus over men and women.

More details regarding the study

According to the Global Health 50/50 initiative study, there is a gender gap in deaths in China. It means that 64 percent of the male population are suffering while 36 percent belongs to the women. This pattern is not only found in China but the figures are confirmed in France, South Korea, Germany, Spain and Italy as well.

For the populace, being careful is of great necessity. Not only in staying at home, but in implementing a healthy lifestyle as well. For one, men should refrain from smoking and drinking too much.

Too early to tell

Even though the studies indicate that men are more prone to suffer its effects, it is too early to determine. It is hard to identify why the gender gap is emerging because even researchers have pointed out several possible factors too.

Not only the lifestyle choices and behaviors, but it is also important to note that the men would not seek immediate medical help in comparison to women. That being said, the gender gap data should not be the baseline for men and women to decide if they are immune to the virus or not since the level of immunity for the virus may vary from one person to another.

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