COVID-19 researcher bound for discovering cure allegedly killed over intimate partner

Prolific and outstanding COVID-19 researcher, Bing Liu

A COVID-19 researcher at the University of Pittsburgh who was on the verge of discovering a cure against the coronavirus was found dead in his home due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Bing Liu, 37, a native of China, was found bloodied and lifeless in his home at Pittsburg. The cause of death was easily identified as multiple gunshot wounds around the head, neck, and chest area.

Further illustration of the case suggests that the victim’s home is open. After which the assault and killing subsequently followed.

Meanwhile, Hao Gu, 46, is also dead in a car about 100 yards away from the crime scene.

While seemingly two different cases of deaths happening in the area on the same day, cops’ investigation suggests a link between the two.

A Love Triangle?

According to the police’s probe, both Liu and Gu were in a quarrel previously on that same day. The argument appears to involve a certain ‘intimate partner.’ The police refused to disclose the identity of the person.

Bing Liu’s wife was away from home when the slaying took place.

Gu reportedly died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot which points to a case of murder-suicide following the killing of Bing Liu.

Gu’s dead body, as per cop’s findings, rules out the possibility of the murder due to the sensitivity of Liu’s work.

Both non-native citizens of the United States, the case requires the federal authorities for further review. The initiative also follows the country’s enduring protocol involving crimes and non-natives.

However, despite the rather convincing tale of two men fighting over a mystery person, skeptics are suspicious of the ‘official story.’

A Potential Link to COVID-19

Many find the death of Bing Liu to be suspicious.

Looking into the background of Liu, it appears the victim has had an illustrious career in software engineering. He had been working as a software architect for Eaton for 16 years.

Although an expert in software creation, Liu’s understanding of complex algorithm makes him a star against COVID-19. Particularly, by having an expertise in ‘computational modeling and analysis of biological systems dynamics.’

According to Ivet Bahar, head department and Liu’s colleague, the scientist is coming up with ‘interesting results’ with his studies. Bahar claims that Liu’s finding is giving scientists an understanding of the infection’s mechanism of action.

Finding value in the victim’s work, the department’s head said that they will be using the information in Liu’s research. Hopefully, in finally paving way for the cure against the coronavirus.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/ABC7

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