COVID-19 tracing apps marred with glitches, lack of interest

Recent reports reveal that various COVID-19 tracing apps are full of glitches, and that people are not using them.

Medical experts believe that contact tracing is an effective strategy to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Tech companies have rally to this call and started building their tracing apps. On the other hand, various governments around the world also roll out their own tracing apps.

Apps full of glitches

Some of the first U.S. states that roll out their contact tracing app is facing a lot of backlash. Reports claim that some these tracing apps are not working properly, and that they are full of glitches.

Tech analysts are blaming developers for hastily building an app without proper development stages. Because of the lack of proper testing, these apps are mostly useless and full of glitch at best.

While governments are scrambling to remedy the utter lack of COVID-19 tracing apps, tech companies are answering the call. However, because ongoing privacy issues with these tech companies, adoption has been at snail’s pace at best.

Notable tech companies like Apple and Google are also throwing their hat into the fold. To say the least, despite the noble concerns from these tech companies, a number of privacy and data issues still arise.

Users and critics alike are questioning the extent of data coverage these apps have on users. While these contact tracing apps are considered useful, privacy is still the utmost concern for many users.

Contact tracing protocols

Medical experts agree that contract tracing is an effective way to curb the spread of coronavirus. However, such way is time consuming and takes a lot of human resources to properly conduct. Which is why many tech companies ae coming into the aid.

Most contact tracing apps rely on mass and voluntary sharing of data. This particular method does not sit well with many privacy regulators. There are some entities that campaign for a more decentralized system.

Apple and Google are heeding the call. However, many regulators are not betting on these two tech companies to handle data. These tech companies are notorious for violating the same privacy rule they vow to uphold.

This particular hurdles stifle the massive adoption of contact tracing apps. Though these measures are strict, they are invaluable when it comes to data and privacy protection.

Because of these hurdles, adoption of COVID-19 tracing apps are stifled. With millions of people affected around the world, only time will tell what the best method will be.

Image courtesy of CDC/Unsplash

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