COVID-19 update says WHO warns alcohol consumption, endangers immune system

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns the general population of the danger of consuming too much alcohol.  When the body consumes too much alcohol, the immune system is weakened, and increases the risk of having COVID-19.  

In a report published by WHO, alcohol can cause complications to the lungs, including ARDS or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. ARDS is found in patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Alcohol consumption during lockdown must be restricted

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most, if not, all of the countries to establish home quarantines. However, the lockdown also gives people  the freedom to do what they want in their homes, including drinking alcohol. 

Drinking alcohol even in small amounts can alter the body’s mechanism to function properly.  Moreover, cancer cells are also apparent in individuals who are consuming alcohol. When alcohol is ingested, the body loses the ability to cope with infectious viruses.  

It is for this very reason that WHO appeals to the public to prioritize a healthy immune system, and this can be done by limiting alcohol consumption. It is detrimental to eat healthy foods and juices to aid the body in fighting viruses.

Myths on consuming alcohol to deter COVID-19infection

A lot of people have been misled on the possible prevention of getting COVID-19. Reports have been circulating that drinking alcohol can kill the coronavirus, however, WHO debunked this myth. 

It is believed that drinking alcohol will somehow protect the body from being infected with coronavirus. Alcohol having 60 percent concentration will work as a disinfectant when applied to the skin, however, will only cause organ damage when ingested.

During the outbreak of this pandemic, some countries have reportedly been ingesting alcohol which resulted in health problems, and intoxication. Moreover, alcohol ingestion has given rise to numerous deaths in several countries. 

In addition, several people have also believed that swallowing strong concentration of alcohol will kill the coronavirus in the throat. However, WHO has assured the public that the virus will not be eradicated.

Importance of mental and physical health during lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic could last several months or even years and may cause unprecedented stress.  People might have issues in maintaining their mental and physical health brought by the lockdown. 

Experts have agreed that mental and physical health are fundamental to maintaining the wellbeing of every individual caused by COVID-19.

In Europe, particularly the Scottish government, has increased its  fund for mental health programs and initiatives. The government will set up more phone lines for digital mental health services to help citizens cope up with social distancing and lockdown in general. 

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