Are COVID-19 vaccine booster shots needed? It’s likely a ‘yes’

Are COVID-19 vaccine booster shots needed? It's likely a 'yes'

There is no medical consensus yet as to whether the public will need COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. But, it will likely be soon necessary.

The number of people who obtained their COVID-19 vaccine shots sees an increasing trend these past few weeks. Despite the slow rate of vaccination in some regions and countries, the vaccines continue to roll out.

Experts believe that, in order to reach “herd immunity,” 70 to 90 percent of the total population should get the jabs. While this remains to be an issue in some areas and locations, another matter is emerging.

As it happens, the issue of obtaining another vaccine shot in the future has been receiving attention. This comes after health officials discuss how long immunity to the coronavirus will last after getting the vaccines.

Are COVID-19 vaccine booster shots necessary?

Researchers and companies are still in the process of observing and testing. Despite this, the U.S. top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that vaccinated individuals will require COVID-19 vaccine booster shots in the future.

On Wednesday, the health official shared his thoughts on the matter at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing. The Indian Express released a report, detailing what Dr. Fauci had to say.

He asserted that the public “will need, at some time, a booster” shot. He explained that the durability of the vaccine protection is not going to be infinite.

But, as to when these booster shots will become necessary, it remains unclear. Dr. Fauci noted, though, that they are still “figuring out” the interval. In the end, he said that the vaccines appear to be effective between “six months to a year.”

Are COVID-19 vaccine booster shots necessary?

What the experts are saying about the matter

Dr. Stephen Hoge said that the Moderna does not have “data on when to expect waning immunity leading to breakthrough infections,” according to Market Watch. He pointed out, however, that there will be a need for boosting and maintaining the neutralizing antibodies at the “highest possible levels.”

The Moderna president continued that there is a “raging pandemic,” adding that “reinfections will happen” in the future. This is why booster shots are likely necessary to prevent the renewal of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Dr. Mark Mulligan has a similar notion about the matter. He reportedly claimed that COVID-19 vaccine “boosters will be needed.” This is after sharing his projections about how long immunity may start to wane. He believes that the effectiveness of the vaccines may last for a year or longer.

Images courtesy of World Health Organization (WHO)/YouTube

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