COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Australia ‘worries’ medial experts

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Australia 'worries' medial experts

A survey shows that about one-third of the Australian adult population is unlikely to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine shots continue to roll out in various parts of the globe. However, there is an apparent hesitancy in some communities, including Australia.

While the country is one of the places with low rates of coronavirus transmission and contraction, BBC said that the hesitancy over the vaccines may “frustrate” the plans to reopen its borders.

This is reportedly one of the reasons why there are worries among medical experts in Australia.

The COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Australia

The publication continued that Australia is “one of the slowest” countries in the developed world to vaccinate its total population. Based on a survey from the Sydney Morning Herald, about a third of the country has hesitations over getting the COVID-19 vaccine shots.

In the same data, they found out that the doubts largely lie on the reported potential side effects of the jabs. In addition to this, many are seemingly not comfortable because “they did not feel they knew enough about the vaccines.”

A separate survey from the Australian National University also came up with the same data earlier this month. As reported, eight out of ten Australians have worries surrounding the possible side effects.

They found out, as well, that most of the individuals who are likely hesitant are “women, non-English speakers,” and citizens living outside the cities. Moreover, 21 percent of 3000 respondents “felt a lack of urgency” to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

The COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Australia

What the experts are saying

Following the release of the data, the Chief Health Officer of Victoria’s official account on Twitter expressed disappointments about the matter. The page linked the article from the Sydney Morning Herald, noting that “low vaccination coverage is the greatest risk to health” in the country today.

Meanwhile, Chris Moy of the Australian Medical Association told ABC that everyone in the country is a “sitting duck” until more people get the vaccines. He also shared his worries that many citizens seemingly “felt safe” from COVID-19 to the point that there were no motivations to get the jabs.

Similarly, Professor Mary-Louis McLaws, one of Australia’s leading epidemiologist experts, warned that hesitations toward the COVID-19 vaccine shots may increase the risks of further spread due to a mutant strain. She also deemed the results from the surveys as “damaging” to the recovery of the country.

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