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‘Cozy Grove’ is ‘Animal Crossing’ with more story and less capitalism


Animal Crossing is one of the most wholesome games that you will ever play, but with this amazing game comes another spin-off worth waiting.

It has nearly been a year since Animal Crossing: New Horizon was first released. While Nintendo’s games have remained popular for a long year now, plenty of people have quietly set their island adventure aside.

If you are looking for a new playthrough experience, then this version of Animal Crossing will excite you to the core.

What is the difference between Cozy Grove and Animal Crossing?

Spry Fox with Cozy Grove has made sure that Animal Crossing can surely be remade into a chilling version.

Players have to take the shoe of Spirit Scout, where they have to work through different levels and play in tune with kids who help soothe relentless ghosts.

Your scout will begin the game by traveling to the titular Cozy Grove and is immediately stranded there, along with the nearly two dozen spirits who will help you.

In a recent interview, CEO David Edery says he and Spry are committed to inventing new things around. But over time, invention became less problem with them and helped people cope with their depression and make the world a better place where their only solution.

Hence Cozy Grove is made where Edery says that he has taken a ton of inspiration from Animal Crossing. The main formula and the end result was that Fox was not trying to be a copycat, but he wanted to invent something that would completely catch everyone’s idea.

It is surely a fun ride

In the end, Cozy Grove is all about having ghostly residents and their ranging backstories. Some of which are tragic, and some of which have a good ending.

Fox says that the whole point of the game is to talk about different human issues that can range between us and how we try to cope with them with the cozy and warm exterior.

Grove, Edery, and Cook said that the whole idea of the game is fascinated by the concept that it does not take all over your life. However, this game has numerous ending points where the players can say that they are done with the game and then get set for the rest of their day.

The release date for this game is not out yet. Cozy Grove is expected to hit Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One earlier this spring.

Image courtesy of AbsinthTears Gaming/YouTube

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