Craig Cobb offers a whooping 85% discount on 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale

It’s the time of the year again and good people at Trader Cobb are offering an 85% discount for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale this year.

Craig Cobb told Micky that now is the best time to start trading. Bitcoin prices are said to be following the trend in 2017 and traders could expect another meteoric rise in the forthcoming months.

“The best time to start is always right now, you don’t have to be great to get started but you do have to get started to be great,” he said. Craig made it clear, however, that would-be traders should first learn what they are doing before they get into trading the market.

Asked what traders should do if Bitcoin plummets, Craig said traders should not chicken out since crashes could just be another direction to trade.

“I teach people how to go long and short so as long as there is movement there is also scope for profits, this is why 2018 was a great year for us,” he revealed.

“If bitcoin goes into a range then it opens up opportunities to be trading alt markets and to trade the BTC pairings, margin is available on many BTC paired coins,” he went on.

Craig Cobb, also, divulged that he is using a traders-built cryptocurrency exchange called FTX, which provides users a clean and automated way to get leverage. He assured that the platform is easy to use since you are able to raise orders with a stop loss and target as well as manage your risk in one simple deal ticket. You can receive 10% off your trading fees if you join here:

If you want to know more about trading cryptocurrency profitably while managing risk, sign up to Trader Cobb now and take advantage of the Black Friday sale, which starts today until Monday midnight GMT.

You can access the online trading courses and join a supportive online trading community for 85% off.


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