‘Creed 2’ director will helm the next ‘Transformers 6’

Paramount and Hasbro have tapped Creed 2 director Steven Caple Jr to helm the next Transformers 6, an early report revealed it.

According to Screen Rant, Steven Caple Jr is the name that makers want to work on Transformers 6. And he’s the one who will direct the next installment in the 13-year-old film franchise.

Caple Jr’s Creed 2 received great reviews from critics upon its release, which means that Paramount and Hasbro can bank upon him because the Transformers series is always known to give out huge action set pieces.

Transformers 6: Early plot and details

It’s currently known that Caple Jr’s next Transformers movie plot will be based on Joby Harold’s script. Previous script options included James Vanderbilt’s story, which was inspired by the Beast Wars. At the same time, Harold’s version takes place in the universe of 2018’s Bumblebee itself. So, in a way, that’s more relatable, too, in terms of base storyline connection.

Talking of the director, then Steven Caple Jr made his debut with 2016’s The Land. He then showed his skills using a franchise’s threads and connecting them in a sequel with Creed 2. It was crucial for him since Black Panther fame Ryan Coogler helmed the first part.

Budget wise will also move Caple upwards with Transformers 6 as he will have a lot to decide.

The famous robot-based series is still alive thanks to Bumblebee that arrived two years ago. And it was the first part of its legacy to gain a very impressive critical reception. It was kind of a gamble that Paramount took, and it worked eventually.

What to expect in the future of the franchise

It can be said that the movie series is in a critical situation since it depends a lot on the future installments. How they will fare among the audiences will decide the ultimate result of Transformers in films.

This entire universe became a huge phenomenon back in the 2000s and then in the 2010s. Initial installments turned out as profitable blockbusters but then faded away. It was purely due to the lack of any solid story and character treatment. So viewers decided to ignore it and then chose the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was still growing in that timeline.

Now, the MCU is called the definition of how a connected cinematic franchise should be like. And that will be the goal of Hasbro and Paramount when they will release Transformers 6. Currently, it’s scheduled to come out in the summer of 2022.


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