Critics are lauding the ‘New Pokemon Snap’ game

New Pokemon Snap trailer snapshot

Just a few days ahead of its release, the New Pokemon Snap game has already gotten a round-up of reviews. And the results have been very promising.

It has been a long wait for a sequel to pop up following the 1999 title Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64. Too long, in fact, that many may have already forgotten it existed or never knew it at all due to obscurity. But the entry is now back into the mainstream and its sequel is showing a lot of promise.

Previously announced as part of The Pokemon Company’s 25th anniversary celebration, the upcoming title is entering public consciousness with surprise. It has been a little longer than 20 years since the seminal title it follows saw release in the market.

Review Round-up

In true gaming fashion, Nintendo has been giving away free copies of the game for critics to review. Which, if anything, implies confidence that the product is indeed going to be good. The notion, as it appears, is not necessarily off-based and the authority to it not unfounded.

From platforms such as TheGamer and its sister company, Screenrant, to others such as IGN, GameSpot, etc., the reviews are consistent. Pundits who are typically critical of game’s releasing appear pretty pleased with the product, which does speak volumes. Screenrant’s review being notable mostly for its almost perfect score of 4.5 out of 5. Others are not pretty bad either, with all of them across the board giving it either a 4/5 or an 8/10. Eurogamer being a sole exception who merely gave it a “recommended” rating rather than a number to scale its critique.


In an industry where numbers hold weight, a game getting mostly favorable ratings are not always common. Of course, reviews are often relative and vary according to the person doing the review. But when independent minds have all a common say in a subject, then things become objective than subjective.

The New Pokemon Snap game is not a perfect game. But video games, in general, need not have to be flawless to be enjoyable. Just looking into gaming’s entire library and one could see the general thought to it. There are too many fun games out there that simply could not get an impeccable consensus. But, nonetheless, make a mark among people’s memories for being outstanding in what they offer, either from an earlier experience or even at the present.

The New Pokemon Snap officially releases on Friday, April 29, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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