‘CrossfireX’ doesn’t have Remedy’s signature style yet


The newest FPS game CrossfireX is one of the sparkly fresh IPs coming West. While Remedy Entertainment handles it, it doesn’t feel like anything they made before.

CrossfireX is bombastic, shiny, and sparkly. It’s a badass remake of the Korean MMOFPS Crossfire, which is a Counter-Strike clone. The title is anything but a CS clone, but it lacks the touch that Remedy became famous for.

Crossfire is a shooter’s wet dream

The story of Remedy’s Crossfire is every FPS lover’s game fantasy. The military shooter follows the player trotting around the world’s warring hot spots. Players take on the role of a mercenary, fighting for one of two paramilitary corporations.


The world of Crossfire is divided into the clutches of two opposing mercenary companies. The first, Black List, is an organization that does extra-military functions for different countries. Global Risk, on the other hand, acts as a paramilitary counter strike force.

The premise is as traditional as any shooter. Black List mercs are the terrorists, and Global Risk are the counter-terrorists. Even then, not everything is as black and white as they are.

In the game’s latest trailer, players look like they’ll control a character from either faction. Each team also has its own sense of camaraderie and banter. They joke around, help each other, look after each other’s backs and all.

The game not only seems to try and humanize both teams but gives them more personality. Everything seems fine and dandy until players realize one crucial aspect. The title doesn’t have Remedy’s signature innovation.

New Crossfire game is missing the “Remedy” flavor

Remedy as a studio is famous for its small twists and turns. The team knows how to warp out and freak out players with their single-player games. The themes they added to Control, Quantum Break, and even Alan Wake were one of a kind.

In CrossfireX, the game is missing the usual Remedy flavor. While the trailer is not much to derive from, the title could have come from any company. Without Remedy’s studio name during the footage, people are unlikely to believe it’s theirs.

Fans are likely expecting too much from Remedy. It’s also possible that it’s too early to tell and the company will make Crossfire their own. The world of Crossfire is large and treacherous, with a lot of stories to tell.

Remedy has a lot of time to show off why they’re one of the best dev studios in the industry. CrossfireX should have their fingerprints all over it, considering the IP is not a cookie-cutter shooter game.

Images courtesy of Xbox/Youtube Screenshot

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