Crucial details revealed from the latest ‘Last of Us Part 2’ preview

The recent release of the previews of The Last of Us Part 2 revealed new crucial details that might surprise the fans of this epic game.

The final set of previews for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 was released last June 1. That’s just a few weeks before the game’s extremely anticipated launch. Even after several public showings from Sony and Naughty Dog, the previews revealed a few more critical details about the game most fans don’t know yet.

Customizable playing experience

The Last of Us Part 2 will have thorough and customizable gameplay. It will cater to any type of player in terms of accessibility options and difficulty

For those looking for challenging gameplay, the developers have confirmed that the excessively difficult Survivor mode from the first title will be automatically unlocked and playable on the first playthrough.

Also, players will be able to freely change difficulty factors such as the amount of damage Ellie takes, enemy alertness sensitivity, and scarcity of resources in the world.

For players with disabilities, the game’s developers made outstanding efforts in implementing features like adjusting the size of UI, text to speech proficiency, and high contrast mode, which changes the game’s hue to help players with poor vision.

Combat improvements

While the first installment of The Last of Us has been praised and loved by many, its third-person shooting gameplay was just average and was not something the developers were proud of.

However, in The Last of Us Part 2, previews have revealed massive improvements in stealth, combat mobility, and upgrade trees.

The story about love and violence

In a recent interview with Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us Part 2’s director, he discussed the game’s controversial theme.

He explained that the game would focus on Ellie, protecting everyone she loves as well as bringing justice to anyone who will harm those close to her. While the leaked spoilers have disappointed fans, the theme for The Last of Us Part 2 will be engaging and interesting.

It will make the game’s plot as intriguing as the first game thanks to flawless writing and new charming characters.

Most savage game ever

One common element in almost all of the trailers and previews for The Last of Us Part 2 shows how savage the game is. The trailers and previews showcase extremely detailed gore and animations for both normal and stealth combat.

The savagery of the animation is more lifelike than what is usually depicted in brutal games such as Mortal Kombat 11. It is because the developers have guaranteed that each enemy will feel like a real person.

Druckmann also ensured that the visceral nature of the animation would make The Last of Us Part 2 provide greater pressure than other gory games.

Featured image courtesy of Play4Games/Youtube Screenshot


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