‘Crucible’: Everything we know so far

After dominating the online retail market, Amazon is moving forward with its ventures, and it’s stepping into the gaming industry. One of its biggest foray into the industry is Crucible, a competitive shooter with a twist.

Three years since being revealed, Amazon’s Crucible is now available for download on Steam. The free-to-play title has a lot of hype behind it, with many suggesting that it could be a big competitor to Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, and other popular shooters. Exactly what is this game about?


The game is set in the world that’s named Crucible. It houses a special resource called Essence, and this serves as one of the key story elements in the game. It has the standard gameplay loop of battle royale, but what sets it apart if the addition of mobs or in-game enemies.

It’s not a player versus player game; it’s more of a player versus enemy versus player title, which means players have to be careful when exploring the huge map filled with different biomes.

By killing these enemies and completing objectives on the map, players will earn Essence. The more essence players earn, the stronger they become. It’s not just about coming out on top; it’s also about being more strategic when it comes to map movement and progression.

It’s not a battle royale per se. For starters, there aren’t many players on the map vying for the top spot. The three game modes are called Alpha Hunters, Hear of the Hive, and Harvester Command. None are exactly similar to battle royale games.

However, the game does have some similar elements, such as a circle that closes in as the match goes on.

It’s a hero shooter

Similar to Apex Legendsthe game features heroes instead of a generic character that can be customized with skins. Currently, there are 10 heroes to play as in the game, and each comes with their own special set of skills to utilize on the map.

Despite the structure, the heroes aren’t tied down to roles such as tanks, healers, and attack. Instead, players are free to play whichever style they choose. However, they must keep in mind that some heroes excel in other things over others. The roster might expand in the future, but for now, the 10 available characters are already unique and exciting on their own.


Image used courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

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