‘Crucible’ gets axed following return to closed beta

Crucible gets axed following return to closed beta

Amazon pulled the plug on Crucible after a lackluster launch. The game got back to closed beta last July but could not sustain a second coming.

Crucible may be considered one of the biggest gaming flops this year. Amazon launched the free-to-play multiplayer shooting game last May, but it did not end well.

The developers announced on a blog post that the game would be live until November.

“We very much appreciate the way that our fans have rallied around our efforts, and we’ve loved seeing your responses to the changes we’ve made over the last few months,” the developers said.

“Ultimately, we didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead,” added the team.

Full refund coming to players

The game went back to closed beta in July. It is to make sure that any developments would be significant for another full launch. However, the team has not found the perfect recipe to compete with other shooting games.

Crucible is done even before maximizing its potential

That being said, Amazon Games is refunding all in-game purchases made through the refund website.

Moving forward, all players that are taking part in the closed beta will have the next few weeks open for a community celebration. Matchmaking gets down after.

Dedicated players may then play custom games. However, these custom games will be cut by November 9, making it a dead game by then.

What’s next for the Crucible team?

According to Amazon Games, the developers will be deployed to other titles such as New World. The MMO is still a work in progress and is expected to launch next year.

Besides, New World, Amazon Games is partnering with Twitch for the upcoming Pac-Man Live Studio. The game is supposedly launching last June, but there is no update since then.

It is a shame that Crucible folded quickly. It has much potential in store, but the strategy and timing are off.

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