‘Crucible’: The 3 game modes explained

After a three-year wait, players can now get their hands on one of Amazon Game Studios’ biggest game titles to date. Since releasing yesterday, Crucible has already taken a shine on the gaming community.

Crucible is often likened to battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. While the game does have some similar gameplay mechanics to the battle royale genre, it does have a different approach in many ways. One of which is the inclusion of AI-controlled enemies on the large maps.

There are three different game modes that set apart the game from the biggest titles in the battle royal genre. Here’s how to play each one.

Heart of the Hives

Heart of the Hives is a four versus four game mode that pits players against huge enemies called Hives mostly. The Hives are described as a large drone-spitting monster that drops hearts when it dies. Players will need to collect these hearts during the match. The first team to collect three hearts win the game.

The Hives are formidable and it will be tough for players to take these out from the get-go. This means players will need to power up their characters first before they try and fight a Hive.

Alpha Hunters

If there’s one game mode that’s as close to being a battle royale as possible, it’s Alpha Hunters. In Cruciblethis battle royale mode also features a ring that closes in on the map. In each of the matches, there will be a total of eight teams consisting of two players each.

Once one of the pair dies, there’s no way for the other player to get back to the game. As such, it’s important for players to work with each other if they want to come out on top. In this mode, AI-controlled enemies are present as well so players can still power up their characters if they want to.

Harvester Command

Players will form teams of eight in Harvester Command. In this game mode, players will have to take control of huge machines called Harvesters to gain Essence. The team to get to a hundred Essence first wins the game. Aside from getting Essence from harvesters, players can also kill others to gain extra points.

The game modes of Crucible truly shake up the shooter genre. The game is capable of standing out on its own but only time will tell if it can actually go above and beyond the competition.

Image used courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

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