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Crucible’ tips and tricks: Get a higher win rate with these tips


Amazon Game Studios’ Crucible is a highly competitive multiplayer game with a lot of mechanics to look into. Newbies might have a tough time getting those wins in against more experienced players, but with practice comes progress.

Dominating Crucible is not just about having the best aim in the game. It’s a complex game with many features and mechanics to boot, so winning takes more than shooting skills. Here are some of the best tips we have for the game.

Master a hero

There are 10 heroes in Crucible, and each one comes with his or her own weaknesses and strengths. Some will argue that there are other heroes that are a cut above the rest, but the truth is that any hero can be top-tier in the right hands. As such, it’s vital for players to stick with one specific hero first so that they can master their skills.

Don’t forget upgrades

Before starting out, players can alter the upgrades they can get in the game. These can quickly transform any hero into various roles. Players should find the perfect upgrades that suit their playstyle.


As with any other competitive game, communication is critical in this one. Aside from straight-up voice chat, players can also try communicating through the game’s ping system. The ping system is an underrated way to communicate, but with the right usage, players can create better plans for their team.

Farming is key

Defeating other players in Crucible is not always the key to victory. At the start of each match, it’s important to grind Essence first. Players should get to at least level three before they initiate firefights with other teams. Being able to farm Essence early on gives teams a huge advantage over others.

Farm plants

The world of the game is lush with fauna and flora. The latter of which is just as important than the monsters as these can give significant buffs to players. Some plants heal health while others buff attack and defense. Using these plants can turn the tides of the battle easily, so players should keep an eye out for these plants. The good thing is that these plants are easy to come by.

Crucible is a tough game, but with the right tips and tricks, any player can master the game. Perhaps the best tip we can give is to continuously practice the game so that they can understand its mechanics even further.

Image used courtesy of Crucible/YouTube

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