‘Crucible’ tips and tricks: Top tier heroes

Amazon Game Studios’ Crucible is a head-turner so far, and it’s not the gameplay and the action that’s catching the attention of players. In fact, it’s the cast of characters that are gaining more fans in the game.

There are a total of 10 characters to choose from in Crucibleand many are expecting it to grow in the future. For now, these 10 characters are being practiced by many in the community. While all have their own unique abilities and personalities, players can agree that some place at a higher tier than others. Here are the best heroes in the game so far.

Captain Mendoza

Captain Mendoza is the perfect character for those who are just starting to get a feel of the game. His skill set is made to specifically accommodate newcomers so players should feel at home almost immediately.

He carries a pulse rifle, which is one of the most stable weapons in the game. Aside from that, he has an unlimited sprint ability, which gives him a lot of mobility. For extra damage, Captain Mendoza carries a grenade launcher that can deal damage in an area but is most damaging when it hits enemies directly.


If players want to go all-out with melee attacks, then Drakahl is the best character in Crucible for them. As the only melee character in the game, Drakahl is a bit sturdier as compared to others. However, he is slower and larger as well, which could make him the target most of the time.

Through his skills, Drakahl can chain together attacks that can deal massive damage to enemies. If players are able to master Drakahl and his combos, they can wipe out just about anyone in the game.


Summer is a unique hero in the sense that instead of cooldowns, she has an overheating meter, which prevents her from spamming her skills. She can lob fireballs at enemies, propel herself using her flamethrowers, and she can deal burn damage at mid-range.

As her attacks can damage enemies in an area, Summer is a great character to have as she can take care of mobs easily. Moreover, enemies will be forced to scatter and move around unless they want to all get hit at the same time.

These characters are the best so far in CrucibleIt’s worth noting, however, that comfortability with a character plays a crucial role as well. As such, we suggest players find a hero that fits their playstyle instead of relying on tiers.


Image used courtesy of Crucible/YouTube

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